creative arts

Creative Arts Ministry

Ministry Purpose

Starke Church of God by Faith is committed to worshiping the name of Jesus Christ through song, prayer and other means of spiritual exaltation. This ministry seeks to enrich the quality of worship of participants and to enhance the overall growth and connectedness to our loving Savior. The goal is to provide prayerful training and support for those interested in ushering in the presence of God at all levels of worship within the congregation.

Music Ministry

This comprehensive ministry provides a channel for congregates with differing levels of musical talent to worship and serve God through music and song. All ages are welcome to learn and/or share in this enriching ministerial experience.

Performing Arts Ministry

This ministry is focused on worshiping God utilizing a variety of performance-based art forms. It teaches participants the appropriate ways to use performing arts as a crucial method in reaching the lost.


Participants in this ministry are involved in the operation, and reproduction of all audio, video, taping and computer equipment. While an overall comfort with electronics is helpful, no experience is necessary.

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